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Success in coaching is more than passion—it’s a calculated approach to operations and revenue. Leveraging our four decades of corporate expertise, we offer scalable and effective strategies that maximise your income and impact. From revenue generation to operational excellence, we simplify the complexities of running a thriving coaching business. Partner with us, and you’ll gain the business acumen and strategic insights that will transform your profits and business potential.

I received strategy support from JJ, Ability business Group. JJ, has been brilliant at automating things for me, making everything less manual which has not only saved me lots of time, but also lots of mental energy. I am really looking forward to what else we can do together moving forward. She is responsive, prompt, a joy to work with, endlessly optimistic, smart, creative, insightful, supportive and strategic in approach.
JJ is very calm and pragmatic which is refreshing and helpful when things don't always feel easy. She brings perspective to situations that ensures the right approach and a reframed mindset, often around positivity. It has helped me get out of my own way.
For anyone thinking of working with Ability, they are professional, diligent and can offer a lot. Ability will help your business and revenue to grow without question.

Divinia Knowles

The COO Coach & Founder, London COO Round Table

My organization initially engaged Ability to create a website to showcase our annual fundraising event, as well as other social media-related needs. It was one of the best decisions we have made. Ability went way above and beyond what we expected. Knowing we are a not-for-profit organization, Ability took the time to understand and help shape our strategy and incorporated a way to drive payments through the website which allowed us to recoup the cost of services within a couple of weeks. They are highly professional, committed, and meticulously thorough. I returned back to Ability for support with creating and launching a my academic authors programme. JJ helped me to very quickly create a Signature Programme and I was able to sign up two 1:1 clients within two weeks. Working with Ability is a no-brainer decision.

Dr. Clifton R. Clarke

Bishop,San Fernando Valley & Senior Pastor of New Beginnings

Our Signature Offers To Transform Your Business

The Strategic Business Blueprint Audit

This is not just an audit, it’s a strategic review and realignment designed to align your business’s inner workings with your most ambitious goals. Providing ultimate clarity, and an actionable blueprint for success.

Corporate Engagement Accelerator Program

This program is your compass to navigate and conquer the corporate landscape, ensuring that you are thoroughly equipped with strategies to engage and secure corporate clients with finesse and authority.

The 'All In' Business Incubator

Unlock the full potential of your coaching or consulting enterprise with the ALL-IN Business Incubator, distinctly crafted for coaches, consultants, or therapist transitioning into the coaching realm. 

Pricing Strategy Lab:
Purpose-Driven Pricing

We dissect the complexities of pricing and reconstruct them into a powerful tool for the coach who feels the pinch of undercharging, the burnout of over-delivering, or the paradox of pricing that serves neither their business nor their clients.

Niche Mastery: Unleash Your Market Potential

Unlock your coaching business’s true potential with our ‘Niche Mastery Intensive’. Perfect for coaches teetering on the edge of greatness but stifled by the saturated market, this is the laser-focus you’ve been seeking

The Strategic Business Brainstorm

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with “The Strategic Business Brainstorm.” This is your gateway to accelerated business momentum, offering focused and strategic direction tailored to your unique aspirations.

Business Vision 90-Day Sprint

In the 90-Day Sprint Strategy Session, we untangle the intricacies of business planning and refocus them into a potent strategy. This is for the entrepreneur grappling with unclear direction, stagnant growth, or the challenge of turning vision into action. We turn these hurdles into a roadmap for success, aligning your next quarter’s goals with actionable, results-driven steps.

Our Content Calendar Session simplifies the puzzle of consistent and impactful online presence. It’s designed for those struggling with erratic content schedules, low audience engagement, or content that fails to convert. We transform these challenges into a streamlined, strategic content plan that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand

Our Wellness Reboot Program is designed to rejuvenate your business and life. Ideal for those battling burnout or seeking alignment between their wellbeing and business objectives. This transformative program offers a unique combination of psychotherapy tools, mindfulness, and business coaching to ensure your personal and professional success.

Coach the Coach Elevation Programme is meticulously designed for coaches striving to surpass their current boundaries and excel in their craft. It’s an ideal fit for coaches grappling with personal challenges, seeking to refine their coaching style, or those stuck in a professional rut. This program delves deep into overcoming mindset barriers, enhancing coaching techniques, and developing a distinctive personal coaching style. It offers practical tools and strategies to not only help coaches get unstuck but also to propel them to new heights of coaching excellence and fulfillment.

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