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You got into business to make the world a better place, and we’re here to help you do just that. Here are some of areas we can support you:
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Coach the Coach Services

  • Coach-the-Coach Programs: Choose from a suite of packages like “The Clarity Catalyst,” ‘Is Coaching Your Calling?’ or ‘Coaching is My Calling’ Signature Programmes
  • Wellness Reboot Session: A unique offering that includes working with a psychotherapist and mindfulness practitioner for wellbeing support.
  • Neurodiversity Thriving Programs: Tailored coaching sessions focused on coping and thriving strategies for neurodiverse coaches.
  • VIP Day: A day-long intensive to reboot your coaching practice, covering brand visibility and growth strategy.
  • Voxer Coaching: Choose from Voxer Day, Voxer Month, or Voxer Quarter for on-the-go coaching and immediate support.

Coaching Strategy Services

  • Strategic Business Audit: Comprehensive review of your business model, revenue streams, and market positioning and brand visibility.
  • Revenue Strategy Reports: Customised action plans focusing on revenue-boosting tactics.
  • Niche & Pricing Masterclass: An in-depth session to refine your business niche and pricing strategy supported with money mindset and abundance thinking support.
  • Business Brainstorm: A one-time session aimed at generating ideas and solutions for a pressing issue in your business or tackling a specific business problem to pave the way for growth.
  • Strategy Programs: Choose from a suite of packages like ‘The Momentum Builder’, ‘The Impact Amplifier’, and The All-In Business Incubator’.

Coaching Operations Services

  • Business Buddy Service: Supportive daily or weekly check-ins aimed at ensuring you are accountable and staying on track with your goals and routine.
  • Flow: Audit your daily routines with the goal of optimising productivity and focus, particularly helpful for neurodivergent coaches. 
  • Operational Excellence Workshop: Go beyond scheduling and task lists with our holistic approach to operational mastery. We help you architect a business and achieve operational excellence by mastering the most crucial resource—you!
  • Ideation & Clarity Sessions: Short, focused sessions designed to bring fresh perspectives to your challenges.
  • Calendar Cadence: Work together to plan your month or quarter, giving you the clarity and actionable steps to move forward.

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