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Embrace a future of clarity and strategic execution with the Strategic Business Blueprint Audit. This elite program is not just an audit; it’s a strategic revolution designed to align your business’s inner workings with your most ambitious goals. Through personalised deep-dive sessions and expert analysis, your enterprise will emerge with a renewed sense of direction and an actionable blueprint for success.

How it will help:


Your Total Investment: $2,000

Kickstart your transformative journey with a $500 initial payment to secure your place in the program. The remaining balance can be settled in full thereafter, or you may opt for convenience with our flexible installment plans, tailored to accommodate your financial preferences.

This programme will give you:

This program is tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who:

  • Crave a deep understanding of their current business landscape, where and how they are losing money or leaving money on the table.


  • Desire to introduce new revenue driving strategies into their business or boost existing ones by leveraging opportunities within their business, networks and niche to maximise revenue.


  • Require a tactical roadmap with next steps, a revamped business strategy to navigate the complexities of their industry with confidence.

What to expect:

Conduct a thorough business review, focusing on operational analysis and strategic positioning offering to the corporate market.

Dive deep into your business’s SWOT analysis, laying the groundwork for a personalised strategic plan.

Over the next month, I will meticulously craft your comprehensive report, presenting a clear, actionable blueprint for growth and strategic alignment and revenue strategies to boost your bottom line.

 A final presentation of your Visionary Business Blueprint Audit, setting the stage for your business’s next act.


*Add-ons are available to further boost your brand and revenue

My organization initially engaged Ability to create a website to showcase our annual fundraising event, as well as other social media-related needs. It was one of the best decisions we have made. Ability went way above and beyond what we expected. Knowing we are a not-for-profit organization, Ability took the time to understand and help shape our strategy and incorporated a way to drive payments through the website which allowed us to recoup the cost of services within a couple of weeks. They are highly professional, committed, and meticulously thorough.  I returned back to Ability for support with creating and launching a my academic authors programme. JJ helped me to very quickly create a Signature Programme and I was able to sign up two 1:1 clients within two weeks. Working with Ability is a no-brainer decision.

Dr. Clifton R. Clarke

Bishop,San Fernando Valley & Senior Pastor of New Beginnings

Secure your Visionary Business Blueprint Audit today and let’s chart the course for a business that is as purposeful as it is profitable.

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