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Pricing Toolkit

Money mindset & Pricing Strategies


Step into the ‘Strategic Pricing Lab’, where we dissect the complexities of pricing and reconstruct them into a powerful tool tailored to your business’s heartbeat. This is for the coach who feels the pinch of undercharging, the burnout of over-delivering, or the paradox of pricing that serves neither their business nor their clients.

The sessions address the pain points and mindset of underpricing, the frustration of value justification, and the confusion of package structuring. We elevate your pricing strategy from a guessing game to a science, blending psychological insights with practical applications.

The transformation is more than just numerical; it’s psychological. It’s a YOU first process, tailored to your personal situation and success.


Post-session, you have access to JJ via Voxer for additional accountability and support so you can stand with newfound confidence in your pricing, backed by strategies that not only reflect the value you provide but also attract the clientele ready to invest in their futures through you. You’ll emerge not only better off but best positioned for a future where your prices are as impactful as your coaching. Making this decision isn’t just smart; it’s the strategic cornerstone of a thriving business.

it will help YOU:

Effective Monetization: How to turn your expertise into multiple income streams that provide more value to your clients and more revenue for you.


Strategic Pricing Models: Exploration of tiered pricing, packages, and premium offers that align with your client’s willingness to invest.


Handling Money Conversations: Strategies to confidently navigate discussions about rates, reinforcing the value of your services during price negotiations.


Money Mindset Mastery: Developing a positive relationship with money, which enables you to price your services appropriately and handle financial conversations with ease.


Value Proposition: Crafting a compelling value proposition that justifies your rates and resonates with your clients’ needs.


Market Differentiation: Positioning yourself in the marketplace in a way that highlights your unique offerings and commands higher fees.

This programme will give you:

This program is tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who:

  • Are ready to break free from the time-for-money trap and explore scalable options such as group coaching, workshops, and membership models.


  • Want to evolve from one-on-one sessions to a one-to-many approach that magnifies their impact and income.


  • Seek to craft and implement pricing strategies that honour their expertise and the profound value they provide.


  • Are coaches, consultants, or therapists currently tied to hourly rates but are eager to transition to value-based pricing structures that better reflect the transformation they facilitate.

What to expect:

2 x 1.5-hour sessions (or 1 x 3-hr session) to work through money mindset, identify where you are stuck or challenged when it comes to pricing and existing beliefs and how they may have impacted your business. And an evaluation of your current pricing structures to identify opportunities for growth and scalability.

Personalized guidance from JJ using Voxer or WhatsApp for 7 days post 1:1 session. An opportunity to draw on her extensive experience in finance and coaching to refine your pricing strategy. 

Designed to break through mental barriers around money to understand your thoughts and beliefs around value, worth and confidence, this will help you embrace the value you bring into the world and into your client’s lives.

Exclusive access to JJ’s proprietary tools and templates that assist in implementing your new pricing strategy.

See Marlon's Pricing Success

I received coaching from JJ to help me move forward with my career as an artist and designer. Whilst working with Ability, I was encouraged to set goals in order to have a clear vision of where I wanted to be. This was extremely helpful as the planning made my ideas more reachable than before.


The advice that I received about my brand was amazing as I now have established what my brand is and who I am as a brand. At the time I didn’t understand the difference but the advice given helped put this all into perspective.


JJ kept me focused on my goals since I knew I needed to produce outcomes. She also helped me with pricing my work which was massively helpful and changed my mindset around pricing. My confidence as an Artist/brand has grown tremendously.


JJ assisted me with attaining my first art exhibition. Since then, I have taken part in multiple exhibitions and sold my artwork at the highest price point I had ever set which I did at JJ's advice, despite my nerves. I am now in the stage of completing my website to take my career further. Watch this space!

Marlon Stewart - Movrt

Graphic Designer & Artist

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