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Award Winning Coach, Strategy & Revenue Mastermind

Founder /Coach/Consultant

My career background reflects 16+ years in Legal Finance, where I worked for some of the world’s largest global magic circle and top 50 law firms. I managed working capital, created legal revenue and collection strategies, process improvement and working with the most senior partners and C+ Suite leaders to bring more revenue into their legal practices. I also led multiple teams. I did all of this both in the UK and overseas. 


I pushed myself so hard that I totally burnt myself out and I vowed never to do that to myself again. I’m all about working smarter, not harder, and that’s what I am here to help you to do. I’m a multipotentialite and I wanted a way to help other people in areas that aligned with my varied passions, skills and abilities. That is how Ability Business Group was born.


I’m also deeply passionate about Inclusion and ensuring organisations create spaces with psychological safety and wellbeing for all. As well as a Certified Coach, Business Strategist and monetisation consultant, I am also an Anti-racism consultant and work with organisations to write, embed and enforce inclusive strategies.


I work with ambitious, purpose-driven business owners, corporate organisations and charities, who are highly motivated and ready to transition to the next level of success and have a positive impact on the world.

This speaks to me: I never Lose, I Either WIN or Learn – Nelson Mandela


In my downtime, you will catch me: Traveling solo, exploring, and basking in the sun while creating new opportunities, and manifesting my next best moves.

This speaks to me: “Change Does Not Always Result in Improvement, but Improvement is the Result of Change!”

In my downtime, you will catch me: On a plane chasing the sun somewhere captivating, satisfying my curiosity, or seeking opportunities for elevation.


Operations & Clarity Mastermind

Ability Director, Business Operations Consultant

I have always taken a great sense of fulfilment from inspiring and assisting people to achieve their heart desires. 

Whether in business, personally, or financially, bringing your Vision to reality, is the key to having the results and lifestyle that we dare to dream of!


One of the biggest breakthroughs in my life was when I realised that my purpose in life is To be A Contribution!  That’s why supporting people to accomplish the results they want to achieve in their lives gives me great satisfaction!


I attract individuals seeking Life coaching, who have high aspirations and feel they are underperforming, but know they are capable of much more.


Ultimately we need to embrace change, to achieve the experiences we seek in life.   


My mentor told me that my superpower is “Motivation Through Structure”. I believe this is why it comes so naturally for me, to support people to bring their personal vision into reality. I pride myself on being a vehicle for this through, Insight… Instinct… Inquiry and Impact!”

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