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1:1 Corporate Engagement
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Attract and Secure High-Value Corporate Clients with Strategic Precision and Confidence.




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Transform your business, within 6 months!

Embrace the pathway to corporate collaboration with our premium 1:1 Corporate Engagement Accelerator Program. Specifically designed for the ambitious coach or consultant, this program is your compass to navigate and conquer the corporate landscape. Over a focused five-month period, you will receive customised strategy sessions, hands-on support, and dedicated pitch refinement coaching, ensuring that you are thoroughly equipped to engage and secure corporate clients with finesse and authority.

How it will help:


The Corporate Engagement Accelerator Program opens the door to six-figure corporate contracts, establishes you as a sought-after name in the B2B coaching or consulting arena, and lays down the foundations for a business that not only meets but exceeds your financial and professional goals.

This programme will give you:

This program is tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who:

  • Aspire to expand their reach by tapping into the corporate sector.


  • Seek to elevate their business with sustainable, high-ticket contracts.


  • Require a strategic partner to navigate the complex corporate landscape.

Your Five-Month Journey to Corporate Client Mastery:

Market Analysis— We’ll start by analysing the corporate landscape to identify your niche, understand potential client needs, and uncover market gaps.

Crafting Your Value Proposition — Develop a compelling value proposition that clearly articulates your unique offering to the corporate market.

Engagement Strategy — Audit and design your custom Linkedin Content engagement strategy, pinpointing the exact methods and channels for connecting with your ideal corporate clients.

Crafting Engagement Materials — Create the necessary materials such as emails, brochures, and digital content that resonate with corporate decision-makers.

Sales Funnel Creation — Develop a structured sales pipeline tailored to the corporate buying cycle.

Pitch Development — Start building your pitch, focusing on the key messages and differentiators that will make your offer irresistible.
Communication Skill Enhancement — Refine your communication tactics to engage effectively with corporate clients.

Negotiation Skills Training — Learn and practice the art of negotiation to ensure you can close deals confidently and profitably.
Pitch Practice & Refinement — Engage in real-world pitch practice sessions to refine your delivery and ensure your message is clear and compelling.

Final Touches and Mock Negotiations — Make final refinements to your pitch and simulate negotiations to prepare for actual corporate engagements.

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