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The Strategic Business Brainstorm

Unlock & Engineer Your Business Potential with Strategic Direction




1:1 Session


Action Plan and Bespoke Strategy


Dive into the Strategic Business Brainstorm, a transformative session where we unravel the complexities of your coaching or consulting business and reconstruct them into a blueprint of strategic success. This is the catalyst for those wrestling with defining their direction, crystallising their value, or mapping their business journey.


In this intensive 3-hour session, we confront the challenges of unclear business vision, the uncertainty of strategic planning, and the dilemma of aligning your offerings with your unique strengths. Together, we’ll transform your business approach from a maze of uncertainties to a clear path, integrating your personal vision with effective business strategies.

The transformation is holistic, encompassing both your business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset. Expect to leave the session not just with practical steps but with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Are you prepared to redefine the trajectory of your business and embrace a future of clarity and strategic growth? The Strategic Business Brainstorm is your gateway to a renewed, empowered, and strategically sound business journey.

it will help YOU:

  1. Strategic Business Visioning:

    • Crafting a compelling vision for your coaching or consulting business.
    • Aligning your personal values and goals with your business objectives.
  2. Revenue and Pricing Strategies:

    • Developing effective pricing models that reflect your value and market demand.
    • Exploring innovative revenue streams to diversify and strengthen your business income.
  3. Client Attraction and Retention:

    • Identifying and connecting with your ideal clients.
    • Building effective client engagement strategies for long-term relationships.
  4. Operational Efficiency and Systems:

    • Streamlining your business operations for increased efficiency and productivity.
    • Implementing systems and tools that support your business growth and scalability.
  5. Brand Development and Positioning:

    • Enhancing your personal and business brand to stand out in a crowded market.
    • Positioning yourself as an authority in your niche through strategic marketing and content.
  6. Mindset and Personal Development:

    • Addressing common mindset barriers such as imposter syndrome and fear of failure.
    • Cultivating a growth mindset to thrive amidst challenges and change.


Guaranteed to leave the session with clear, actionable insights and a plan to move forward!

Your Total Investment: $620

Book your Business Brainstorm session now and step into clarity, innovation, confidence and transformative growth.

This programme will give you:

This program is tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are:

  • Aspiring Coaches/Consultants: Discover your path in the coaching or consulting arena with clarity and confidence.


  • New Coaches: Lay a solid foundation for your business, infused with innovative ideas and clear direction.


  • Experienced Coaches: Boost your existing strategies, explore new avenues for growth, and reinvigorate your business approach.


  • Therapists/Consultants Transitioning into private practice or coaching: Seamlessly integrate strategies that will help you pivot and build out your practice.

What to expect:

An extensive questionnaire to explore your business landscape thoroughly.

A Transformational 2.5-Hour Call Via Zoom, focused on unleashing the potential of your business.

A custom-tailored strategy, crystallising your session insights into actionable steps.

Voxer Office Hours included for follow-up questions and guidance within 7 days of the session.

Here's What Marlon Said

I am happy to recommend Ability BG as they gave me excellent council and service. JJ made sure that I had a clear understanding of my contract issues and the necessary confidence (that only comes with understanding) going into my company negotiations. 


She assured me that I (as her client) was her top priority and the excellent service she gave reinforced that assuring sentiment. 


Overall, great experience and I would definitely recommend Ability BG to others and look forward to working with JJ and team again and again!

Marlon Weir


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