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The 'All In' Business Incubator

Aspire, Advance, Ascend: Your Comprehensive Path to Thriving
in the Business of Coaching


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Unlock the full potential of your coaching or consulting enterprise with the ALL-IN Business Incubator, distinctly crafted for coaches, consultants, or therapist transitioning into the coaching realm. This is your strategic foundation to build or bolster a thriving service-based business.

Designed to elevate your business regardless of where you are in your business journey, this incubator offers a comprehensive approach to develop your brand, enhance your market presence, and amplify your authority. The ALL-IN Business Incubator promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools required for impactful engagement, ensuring your business is not just successful but also sustainable.

This programme will give you:

This program is tailored for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who:

  • Are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey or seasoned business owners seeking a strategic partner for revenue growth and renewed focus.


  • Desire expert guidance and a proven pathway to launch and scale their coaching or consulting business.


  • Crave personalised attention and bespoke mentoring, recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it when it comes to their unique business vision.


  • Are driven to elevate their therapy private practice or build out a  coaching business by refining their current business model or by embracing new ones.


  • Recognise the value of investment in their growth and are ready to commit both financially and personally to a transformative business journey.

Your Three-Month incubation to Business Success will cover:

  • For Aspiring/New Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Crafting your initial vision, identifying your niche, and establishing core offerings.


  • For For Established Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Evaluating and refining existing offerings, exploring untapped market needs, and elevating service value.
  • For Aspiring/New Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Understanding the fundamentals of personal and professional branding, and basic market positioning.


  • For For Established Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Advanced branding strategies, positioning as thought leaders, and leveraging expertise for higher market visibility.
  • For Aspiring/New Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Building initial client relationships, fundamental engagement strategies, and foundational communication skills.


  • For For Established Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Deepening client connections, mastering advanced engagement techniques, and enhancing long-term retention strategies.
  • For Aspiring/New Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Setting up basic operational systems, financial planning for start-ups, and legal groundwork.


  • For For Established Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Streamlining operations, advanced financial strategies, and scaling up with systems automation.
  • For All Levels: Diversification of services, exploring new revenue streams, and sustainable growth strategies. Special focus on:


  • For Aspiring/New Coaches/Therapist/Consultants: Transitioning from foundational practices to established operations.


  • For For Established Coaches/Therapist/Consultants:Leveraging experience to expand into new markets, productize services, and form strategic partnerships.

What people are saying

A dream is just a dream if you don't make a plan and act on it.

The Business Mentoring has exceeded my expectations, it is an intense, emotional, challenging course that surprisingly, not only makes you look internally, it provides you an opportunity to grow.

The Bi-Weekly LIVE sessions were powerful, and an opportunity for JJ to give support and guide you in the right direction.

These sessions allowed me the opportunity to witness JJ's tenacity first hand, she is determined to help you persevere, that her confidence becomes contagious as she stretches you out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone!

From the workbooks to the prerecorded videos, you can receive support and information as you navigate thru each syllabus.

If you are looking for accountability, are ready to take action and are looking for a coach who cares, don't just consider JJ, contact her immediately so you can work on your dreams becoming a reality!!

LaKayann Outerbridge

InnerBridge Transformation Life Coach

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