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Strategic Pricing Lab: Purpose-Driven Profits (1:1 Session)




Step into the ‘Strategic Pricing Lab’, where we dissect the complexities of pricing and reconstruct them into a powerful tool tailored to your business’s heartbeat. This is for the coach who feels the pinch of undercharging, the burnout of over-delivering, or the paradox of pricing that serves neither their business nor their clients.

The session addresses the pain points and mindset of underpricing, the frustration of value justification, and the confusion of package structuring. We elevate your pricing strategy from a guessing game to a science, blending psychological insights with practical applications.

The transformation is more than just numerical; it’s psychological.

Post-session, you’ll stand with newfound confidence in your pricing, backed by strategies that not only reflect the value you provide but also attract the clientele ready to invest in their futures through you. You’ll emerge not only better off but best positioned for a future where your prices are as impactful as your coaching. Making this decision isn’t just smart; it’s the strategic cornerstone of a thriving business.


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