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Feel the fear, and do it anyway


Create a confident, cohesive and empowered workforce and drive business success

When your teams are empowered, they are equipped with resilience, confidence and a deep sense of meaning. 

They become aligned with company values and can better manage change, whether that is a change to process or change to business operations

Has your organisation recently been through restructuring? 

Adaptation to hybrid or homeworking?  

Do your management team need a boost to build leadership qualities like assertiveness?  The ability to take responsibility?  The ability to say 'no'?  Difficulty taking on new challenges with a positive mindset?  

Do you have employees who lack confidence due to learning differences such as dyslexia and lack confidence or have low self-esteem?  


Your employees will enjoy the following outcomes

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SG from Nottingham

JC from Nottingham

KM from Manchester

MR from London

I couldn't even imagine that I could go to uni and now I'm starting my second year of a health science degree! Wow. Thank you so much JJ and Ability Business Group!

This programme changed my mind about me, I'm a new and improved version of myself and I love it! Everyone needs to learn how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

When I started this programme I didn't know who I was other than a mother. Now I have hobbies, I know what I like and I am secure in myself.

I don't feel afraid,

I feel courageous!

I struggled to say no to people, my life never felt like my own. This programme helped me to make better decisions. It's great to feel in control of my life. for the first time

FTF FINAL LOGOS 02-200803-142659.png
FTF FINAL LOGOS 02-200803-142659.png
FTF FINAL LOGOS 02-200803-142659.png
FTF FINAL LOGOS 02-200803-142659.png

Courage is the willingness to act,