You are one step closer...

to discovering the courage, confidence, and clarity you've been looking for.

If you’ve ever reached a point in your career as an employee or entrepreneur, or maybe in your life in general, where you just feel stuck; you’re not moving forward, frustration is kicking in and you just don’t want to ‘adult’ anymore, then you’re in the right place.


Trust me when I say, you are not alone, this happens to so many of us. We get to a point in our lives when we start to ask questions like,


How did I get here?  Why am I not moving? Surely, there is more to me than this?


But what makes YOU different, is that you are here, so you have already taken the first step. And like a child learning to walk, the first step is often the hardest.


So, you’re probably thinking, now that I’m here, what’s next? What should I do now?


And that’s where I come in.

I’m JJ, International Coach, Feel the fear and do it anyway® Certified Trainer,

Founder of The Confidence Queens Academy and, CEO of Ability Business Group.


There are four words on which I base my life, my philosophy, so to speak, and they are:

Courage, Empowerment, Action and Growth

They feed into each other, so courage empowers you, allowing you to take action, which is the starting point for growth. I believe all four of these things need to be present to create a confident life of success, meaning, and satisfaction - the life you deserve.

These values fuel each of the coaching sessions and training programmes I create.

I’ve had to overcome mindset blockages, burn out and frustration while trying to maintain a high-profile position in the Corporate Industry. At the same time as watching my personal life unravel as if I was a bystander, then having to find a way to pick myself up and take myself on a journey of self-discovery.


My mission is to offer support, so you don’t have to go through where I’ve come from, in order to move your life forward. And, if you’re already at that place, then I will help you to move forward, faster.


I'm also certified in Dyslexia Therapy to ensure my services are inclusive.


It starts with a conversation. You're probably a bit nervous, but don't worry, I’m not one of the coaching gurus who talks 'coach speak' at you, or someone who will get you on a call to talk about myself or push you into a sale.


What I do, is get you from

Point A, to Point B.


Your coaching journey is all about you. I meet you right where you are and help you to move forward to meet your goal because my goal, is to ensure you get the transformation you are searching for, one that isn’t a fleeting experience but is instead the foundation of lifelong change.


I don’t believe in temporary fixes, it isn’t about just helping you to apply for a job or get a promotion or set up your business. What I do, is help you to dig a bit deeper and look at the way you think and why. I help you to uncover your existing mindset, so you can apply relevant life tools to sustain your growth and reach your potential. Then, with the right mindset, the business and career strategy can begin.


There are a number of programmes, services, and courses that I offer, but each is tailored for your needs,  because another thing I don’t believe in is, one size fits all, because it just doesn’t. Fact!


What I do believe in, is Courage, Empowerment, Action, and Growth and I help my clients to achieve each of these through the services I offer.

That's my job. Simple!

I never lose, I either Win or Learn

Nelson Mandela


So, the next step is simple, and your future self is waiting for you to step into your courage, confidence, and clarity to be the version of you that you dream about.


Are you ready to work with me?


Let me help you out. If you struggle with:


  • Self-doubt

  • Lack of confidence

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Frustration

  • Overwhelm

  • Feeling stuck

  • Lack of career progression

  • Lack of clarity or direction

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of rejection

  • Stuck in your comfort zone or job

and you are ready to change the narrative of your life, then just hit the button below, and let’s jump on a Zoom call and have a no-obligation (no pressure or heavy sales tactic) chat.