Thank you for choosing Ability to help you progress your entrepreneurial journey.

You will be working directly with

JJ, Our Founder

When answering the questions, do the best you can.

There are no right or wrong answers and you might not have answers for all of the questions. It’s totally ok.

This is just to help me to see where you are and meet you there.

There is no judgement, no expectations, only love  and support are on offer here.

The Business Brainstorm

Preparing For Your Call

– Pen & Paper: Have a pen and paper ready to jot down any insights or action steps.

– Hydration: Have a glass of water or your favourite coffee by your side.


Download Your Pre-Brainstorm Questions
Here you can download your questions which will help you prepare for our session.  

NOTE: You can type directly into the workbook, alternatively you will receive a google doc by email that you. can type directly into if you prefer.

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