Joanne Clarke Gordon

CEO, Consultant & Coach


Being entrepreneurial and creating ideas comes naturally to some, yet the operational side of business or professional development can be challenging. This is where I shine.

I am a certified Feel the fear and do it anyway® trainer which allows me to deliver training and coaching based on the dynamic and life changing book authored by Susan Jeffers, entitled 'Feel the fear and do it anyway®'.

As a Career Strategist and Confidence Coach and Trainer, I have a range clients with different circumstances however, I am mostly approached by two types of client; high potential employees, mostly solicitors and trainees or people who work for law firms in business services areas. They mostly approach me for coaching to help them attain promotions at work or create clear steps for career progression. This is because I've spent 15+ years working in Global Law Firms with the most senior management discussing targets and such as billing, utilisation and managing teams myself I know what is expected at a senior and leadership level. I'm also often approached by people who are ready to transition out of the country to explore international opportunities and with my experience in doing this the transitional coaching I offer has always been very useful because I can draw from my own experiences and meet them at a place which they are familiar with, whether it is nervousness, fear or crazy excitement.

I also specialise in working with people who are looking to enter into a new phase in their life where they are searching to add more meaning or integrate their passion but may be unsure what steps to take. I help them to find their purpose by drawing out their skills and strengths and helping them to understand how to use them in a way which benefits them and satisfies their need to live meaningful lives. I believe there is little more satisfying then waking up every morning and going to do something you love and are passionate about.

The support I offer my clients enhances their confidence showing them ways to harness and leverage their existing strengths. This positions them to ‘level up’ in preparation for self employment or attain the well deserved promotions and senior positions, breaking through barriers which can often exist for women operating in corporate sectors.

One of the highlights of 2019 for me was being nominated for The 'Amazing Woman Global' Award and obtaining the position of first runner up out of 130 professional women across the globe.

I take business and personal growth seriously but, my take on life is to enjoy how I invest my time. I implore you to have fun whilst you grow and to grab opportunities with both hands. When opportunities seem scarce - create them.

You can never lose, you either Win or Learn!